The dredge

DIY-Dredge is a small compact portable, engine powered, sediment removal pump, providing the ability to excavate and transfer mud sand & muck up to 150 m away.


The DIY-dredger is delivered with a variable mounting, 2.5 m transparent hose and one Cam Lock coupling. You should mount it on a raft, a steady boat or you could do some dredging from the ice. Best is to mount it on a platform that you can remove from the raft when you want to use the raft for something else. The ideal raft is the EasyFloat 2.4 * 3.0 m that we also distribute. See photos and videos in the gallery how to use it.

It is possible to have different length of the shaft, default is 2.5 m. Shaft lengths: 1.3 m 1.6 m 1.8 m 2.0 m, 2.3 m, 2.5 m and 3.0 m. Some buy a shorter shaft so they can change, it will then be more comfortable to dredge with a shorter shaft when it is very shallow.

We sell a 2.5 inch Italian high quality flat hose in 50 m length and it is good idea is to buy an extra quick coupling so you can easily divide the hose into the appropriate lengths.

We have developed an accessory in the form of a knife which cuts the bottom if it would be too hard for suction, the knife will also protect the pump if you use it on a stony bottom. Photos of the accessory can be found here.

The capacity is 60 cubic meter per hour at full vent, which means about 6 cubic meter of mud per hour at 10% blend. Many argue that the mud portion is much more than 10 %. The nature of your sediment and the distance pumped will affect the capacity. Maximum length we recommend is 150 m, maximum lift height is about 24 m. Stone with a diameter up to 2 cm passes through the pump and larger will not get in, The engine might stop if a stone or something gets stuck in the grinder. The grinder may dull some, over time, if you pump a lot of sand and gravel through the mill.

– Do not pollute lakes or streams

– No damage to the beaches or the bottom, as with an excavator

– Dredge down to 2 m deep with the standard pump

– Reed roots and mud sucked up and pumped away

– The sludge can be pumped up to 150 m depending on lift height and sediment concentration.

– Proven design has been used for many years. More than 2000 sold.

– Also works well as a fire pump, see photos in the gallery


Engine: Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 4 kW, 4-stroke

Weight about 60 kg

Standard shaft 2.5 m

Ball bearings, oil lubrication, virtually non-wearing mechanical seal

Hose connection 2.5 ” (63 mm)

Max lift height 24 m

Max. operating depth is 2,2 meters (7 feet) with standard shaft (2,5 m), depends also on what raft you are using.

Delivered in a wooden box that is 55 cm * 66 cm * 265 cm and the weight is about 150 kg with pump, hose and couplings.

All pumps are test driven at the factory before shipment. The products confirm to the ISO-9001 quality standard. English documentation is always included.

Please make sure you know the laws in your area, before you start using the pump for dredging.pump2